Indy Cup

December 27, 2016
Greetings Taekwondo Community,
This is to confirm that Indy Cup WILL NOT be hosted in 2017.  I wish everyone the very best of success in training and competition as well as in your daily life in the coming year!
Master Garth Cooley


Indy Cup Black Belt Championships was held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Castleview Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN.  Black Belts from twenty schools attended from Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana!


March 21, 2016

To all athletes, spectators, referees, coaches and volunteers — Thank you for making Indy Cup a successful event in it’s 20th year! We hope you enjoyed the competition.
This was a record setting event — one of the largest number of Black Belt national medalists and former team members at Indy Cup this year! Good luck during the rest of the tournament season!


March 16, 2016 Athlete Registration Closed





Weigh in is REQUIRED for Youth, Cadet,  Junior, & Senior Divisions –  based on divisions (in pounds) listed below.

Competitors may weigh-in  Friday evening (6 – 8 p.m.) OR Saturday morning during assigned check-in times. 

Black Belt divisions under age 10 and over age 32 will be determined by participation and DO NOT need to weigh in.

 All athletes will compete in AT LEAST two matches!  Click the link below to learn more!!
Click Here for Sparring Rules, Guidelines, & Format 
Click the link below to download required Medical Consent Form!  SAVE TIME checking in on event day.  Fill out and bring with you to check-in! 



For hotel, dining, shopping, and entertainment information, please visit the “Area Information” link above.


Daedo Scoring

ALL DIVISIONS  will be using Daedo scoring.  Competitors MUST HAVE THEIR OWN Daedo socks.  There will be NO SOCK RENTALS.

Click Here to Purchase Daedo Socks


Black Belt ONLY – ALL AGES – Sparring ONLY
  • In the event there is a need to do any combining of divisions, both Coaches & Parent/Guardian will be consulted.
  • All competitors will compete in ONE DIVISION based on their respective age, weight, and rank.
  • In the event a competitor has NO ONE in their division, arrangements will be made with competitor/coach for an exhibition match.  In this case, they may be moved to a different age bracket with Coach & Parent/Guardian approval.
  • Black Belts under age 10 may compete in Youth Divisions with Coach & Parent/Guardian approval.




Youth Black Belt Divisions (Ages 10 –  11)

Youth Male Under 66 66.1 – 77.00  77.1 – 88.0  Over 88.1  
Youth Female Under 66  66.1 – 77.00 77.1 – 88.00   Over 88.1  


Cadet Black Belt Divisions (Ages 12 – 14)

Cadet Male Under 82 82 – 99 99.1 – 117 117.1 – 135 Over 135
Cadet Female Under 73 73 – 91 91.1 – 104 104.1 – 121 Over 121



Junior Black Belt Divisions (Ages 15 – 17)

Junior Male Under 106 106 – 121 121.1 – 139 139.1 – 161 Over 161
Junior Female Under 97 97 – 108 108.1 – 121 121.1 – 139 Over 139

Senior Black Belt Divisions (Ages 18 – 32) will follow Olympic Weight Categories (4 Male & 4 Female).